About our Cocktail Kits


Cocktail kits are available Friday and Saturday nights from 5-8pm for pick-up in Carlton.

Each order comes with instructions, garnish, and glassware recommendations.

Place Your Order

Orders must be received 24-hours in advance of pickup.

If you have questions about a kit, please ask before ordering. Each kit is made fresh to order!


  1. Select the recommended spirit
  2. Measure 1.5-2 ounces per each drink
  3. Add spirit to the container
  4. Shake or stir and strain per the instructions
  5. Serve and enjoy


All mixes should be refrigerated immediately if not used as we use very fresh ingredients.

Each mix should then used within the next 24-48 hours.

The Cocktail Kit Menu

Signature Mixes
Signature Cocktail Mixes by Bit by a Fox Traveling Speakeasy
First Weekend: Gin Specials & Signature Mixes
Second Weekend: Whiskey Specials & Signature Mixes
Third Weekend: Rum Specials & Signature Mixes
Fourth Weekend: Tequila Specials & Signature Mixes